Savannah Cyber

Savannah Cyber is the cyber security advisory division of Savannah, a digital transformation company focused on helping businesses, governments, organizations and individuals leverage emerging technologies to become more profitable and efficient. At Savannah Cyber we offer the following advisory services:-

Program Design and Development

Our services cover strategic elements, such as risk management programs and board reporting. We also cover more tactical elements of your program, such as implementing information security management systems (ISMS) and architecting your security, whether it’s enterprise IT, cloud, applications or OT environments.

Security Assessments

Our security assessments and audits cover Enterprise IT, cloud, and cryptography codes. We assess security programs for their maturity, strategy and alignment with business and provide tactical assessments such as cyber risk, framework compliance, application assessment, advanced penetration testing and compromise assessments.

Incident Preparedness and Cyber Resilience

We help minimize business exposure to breaches with a focus on critical business system protection. We deliver readiness reviews, cyber resilience policy and playbooks, tabletop and threat simulations, emergency response and on-demand retainers.

Cybersecurity Execution Support

We provide virtual CISOs, security program/project management, security architects, principals and hands-on engineers to reinforce and complement your existing teams and capabilities.

Cloud Security Services

We ensure the confident, secure migration and ongoing operation of cloud technologies with a comprehensive portfolio of services spanning architecture assessment, design, implementation, and management.

Penetration Testing

We go beyond automated tools to identify gaps in security architecture and accurately gauge cyber risk with rigorous, systematic penetration tests.

Litigation Support

We assist in legal action preparation, response planning, analysis where we support data capture, research, and digital forensics support.


We ensure that our customers are fully abreast and prepared for risks emanating from cyberspace through training and awareness programs.