About Us

Savannah is a digital transformation company providing technology solutions and advisory services towards Africa’s growth and transformation.

Who Are We

Since 2015, the team at Savannah has been providing services at the forefront of Africa’s innovation ecosystem, advising Governments and the private sector, and working with clients from around the world as they invest in Africa.

At Savannah, we are committed to making Africa a destination for innovation, and creating a talent pool to provide African solutions for African problems.

Our Vision

Innovating the Africa we want.

Our Mission

We exist to catalyze Digital transformation in Businesses, Governments and Development Organizations by leveraging innovation, emerging technologies and modern management practices to enable them achieve their full potential.

Our Values

Our Values are the ideals to which we hold ourselves, that guide the way we work and are the ways in which our client partners and employees hold us accountable:

  • Integrity: We believe that there is no higher value than integrity
  • Fortitude: We face challenges with boldness, courage and fortitude
  • Equity: Fairness and equity will define the basis of our choices.
  • Excellence: We pursue excellence, knowing that success will follow.
  • Initiative :We will take initiative, to chart and define new paths in life
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