Catalysing Digital Transformation

Advisory Suite


We work with organizations to define, develop and assess their strategic direction. We do this through corporate strategic planning, risk management frameworks, organizational assessments, company restructuring, business modeling and feasibility studies.


Innovation is today a cornerstone for individual and organizational success. We work with companies in their digital transformation journeys and support them in their business process re-engineering, 4IR checks, and guide them with innovative tools to solve their business pain points.


We have vast experience in the management of projects of different magnitude throughout Africa in various industries. We also carry out procurements audits and advisory, financial management, legal and human resource advisory, as well as monitoring and evaluation.

Technology Suite

Supply Chains And Traceability

Our supply chain solutions enable clients track processes and products transparently, our projects include revenue collection, agribusiness and the pharmaceutical industry.

Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence

We have a suite of AI enabled applications which inspire innovation and maximize productivity; they include business insight tools, digital assistants and AI powered chat-bots.

Business Automation, Analytics And Insights

Our flagship product Savannah Insights® leverages cloud infrastructure and big data to enble organisations analyze their data. This allows them to make better informed data driven decisions.

Digital Identity And KYC

Our digital identity platform incorporates trust, security and resilience, and we are building a mobile identity solution for Uganda’s telecommunications Industry.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Platform

Our DeFi platform Binusu® hosts a fiat crypto exchange, a marketplace for credit and loans and a payment platform with a stable coin pegged to the Uganda shilling.

Tokenization And Digital Assets

Our digital assets platform enables tokenization of physical assets into the virtual world, including land titles, education certificates, shares and stocks, and commodities.

Projects & Partners

Some of our impact projects include fostering transparency, working with communities in rural Uganda, and bridging the gender divide through empowering young women with the requisite technical skills to be competitive for the 21st century workforce.